Wednesday Wonderings – 16 Ways for Happy Kids on Long Drives

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Our kids definitely aren't perfect...but we don't have too much trouble with them in the car. The … [Read more...]

Wednesday Wonderings – Terrible Weather in a campervan

bad weather 2

What on earth were we going to do when it was bad weather? The idea of being in a campervan in … [Read more...]

Wednesday Wonderings – 13 Accommodation Options for Travelling Families


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Wednesday Wonderings – What about work?

Camp site

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Wednesday Wonderings – What About Food?

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We had a large double fridge-freezer, and a walk-in pantry at our house.  Now, we have to pack all … [Read more...]

Wednesday Wonderings – Internet?

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Welcome to the inaugural Wednesday Wonderings.  I've noticed that emails asking similar questions … [Read more...]

Power for an RV

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When we were getting the campervan built I wanted to make sure that we would have enough power to be … [Read more...]

Homeschooling Legalities

Homeschooling is legal in every state and territory in Australia. Each state has different … [Read more...]