Photo Friday – Sunsets

Travel Blog Sunsets

The sunsets that we see while travelling Australia are nothing short of spectacular. … [Read more...]

Photo Friday – At the beach

Travel blog at the beach

The weather's hot!  We've been spending a lot of time at the … [Read more...]

Photo Friday – Night Sky

Travel blog night sky

One of the things we really love about being in rural and remote areas is how beautiful the sky is … [Read more...]

South Australia For Families

Travel blog South Australia

Whaler's Way We thought $30 day entry permit was a bit steep. However, it turned out that an entry … [Read more...]

Photo Friday – Desert Botanical Gardens

Travel blog Arid Lands

We spent Susan's ninth birthday at Arid Lands, a botanical gardens dedicated to the desert region of … [Read more...]

Living Without…

family travel blog Australia driving drives car

"Living without..." that's the topic of this month's group writing project over at "Families on the … [Read more...]

Travel is chaotic today

Travel blog traveling is chaotic

We have an appointment. Only problem, this means heading back to Adelaide...a nine hour drive from … [Read more...]

Photo Friday – Ruins

Travel blog ruins

I am constantly astonished with how many ruins we come across ... sometimes just a chimney or a pile … [Read more...]

Wednesday Wonderings – 16 Ways for Happy Kids on Long Drives

family travel blog Australia driving drives car

Our kids definitely aren't perfect...but we don't have too much trouble with them in the car. The … [Read more...]

Wednesday Wonderings – Terrible Weather in a campervan

bad weather 2

What on earth were we going to do when it was bad weather? The idea of being in a campervan in … [Read more...]