Travel is chaotic today

Travel blog traveling is chaotic

We have an appointment. Only problem, this means heading back to Adelaide...a nine hour drive from … [Read more...]

Coastal National Park with Kangaroos and Emus

coffin bay 9

"Have you been to Coffin Bay yet?" "Oh, you must go to Coffin Bay, it's beautiful." "Coffin Bay was … [Read more...]

Swimming with the Sea Lions

sea lions

It was late, and the kids wouldn't settle in bed. They were over-tired after spending the day … [Read more...]

Swimming With Tuna

tuna 4

We really wanted a family activity to do on the Eyre Peninsula.  Most of the stuff we’d heard … [Read more...]

Homeless? We had to sleep in a loading dock!

family travel blog Australia camping campervan RV

The beautiful location called us to camp here.  Beautiful views over the Southern Ocean, camped … [Read more...]

Camped on a cliff over the Southern Ocean

fisheries 6

  We wanted to go down Whalers Way to the most southerly tip of the Eyre Peninsula.  Then … [Read more...]

Beautiful campground … but I just want to keep moving

fitzgerald bay

It was one of those great campgrounds.  We parked about 200 meters from the ocean, looking across … [Read more...]

Strange lights on a windy night


The winds on the Eyre Peninsula had been so strong that we could barely drive. It had taken us three … [Read more...]

Slipping and Sliding along the Road

Finding affordable places to stock up with food and fill up with diesel is hard work in remote parts … [Read more...]

Thermal Springs, and lots of birds…in the desert


It was already dark when we reached Marree.  Lucy wanted to leave the Cooper Creek ferry campground … [Read more...]