Photo Friday – Sunsets

Travel Blog Sunsets

The sunsets that we see while travelling Australia are nothing short of spectacular. … [Read more...]

Photo Friday – At the beach

Travel blog at the beach

The weather's hot!  We've been spending a lot of time at the … [Read more...]

Murphy’s Haystacks

Travel blog Murphy's Haystack

Have you seen the kids' book "Are We There Yet?" by Alison Lester? It's a book about three kids who … [Read more...]

Whalers Way – A quiet, hot New Years

Travel blog Whalers Way

Our air conditioner chose to die. Apparently it doesn't like the corrugated, dirt roads we drive on. … [Read more...]

Dolphins herding Salmon – What a Christmas!

Travel blog Coffin Bay

Christmas afternoon we head to the beach in true Australian style. From the carpark, it seems that … [Read more...]

Photo Friday – Night Sky

Travel blog night sky

One of the things we really love about being in rural and remote areas is how beautiful the sky is … [Read more...]

A week at Monarto Open Range Zoo

Travel blog Monarto zoo

"Do you think we can just park the campervan in the zoo's car park for a few nights? We'll just camp … [Read more...]

Days relaxing at the Adelaide Zoo

Black Rhino

I miss going to the zoo each week.  It was one of my favourite activities when we lived in the … [Read more...]

South Australia For Families

Travel blog South Australia

Whaler's Way We thought $30 day entry permit was a bit steep. However, it turned out that an entry … [Read more...]

What to do for a month?

Travel blog Port Parham

I admit it. We were at a bit of a loss. We'd gone for a quick day trip to Adelaide, and then … [Read more...]