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We were looking for work, and a great job came up for me (Amy) in Geraldton, so we headed there with a three month commitment. That three months is up right about now. So are we moving on?

No sir-ee. Apparently after nearly three years in a campervan, we want a break.

Another great job came up last week. I’m now officially a pharmacy academic. I’m loving this job so far, and I’m the sort of person whose been thinking for a while that I would like to move into academia, but I didn’t think that would be possible until I had a PhD. Apparently it is, though, and I’m really excited.

Only thing is, this means we’ve just committed to being in Geraldton for at least another 6 months. We moved all of our stuff out of the campervan on the weekend in to a 2 bedroom apartment that the university owns. We keep looking around us marvelling at the huge floor space that we have. Now we have finally got everything out of the campervan, we are wondering how on earth we fit it all in, as we can’t find room for it in the apartment.

The kids are at a local school. Jarrad is enjoying his job here, and I mine. I know we say we’ve committed to being here for another six months, but really, we’ll see how we’re going after six months. We may stay a bit longer. We may just do short holidays away, or just save up ready to travel overseas. I have no idea.

For the moment, I’m just enjoying realising that I’m happy being here. We did say when we started travelling that we’d ideally travel for a few years, and then settle down somewhere for a year or two to save up some money before we kept travelling. I guess we’ve just moved well and truly into the phase. We said that we would just know when it was the right place to stop and work a while, and it turns out that is Geraldton.

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So what’s prompted this change? Well, we’ve been travelling for three years now, and it is time to have a break. I need a break from homeschooling, too, as I am sick of arguing with the kids over it. “No, you do not get any reward for doing your spelling. Your reward is improved spelling!” Argh.

Also, we were silly enough to buy two iMacs. Well, we bought one for Jarrad because he wanted to try the iMac for his photography. Then I decided that I wanted one, too, because he had one. That was OK when we are moving, because they fit beautifully at the end of our bed, along with the camera bag. Unfortunately, while we are stopped it means that they are permanently on the dining room table. Which is also the hallway. And the couch. And the kitchen.

Working from home a lot of the time, I felt that my bottom wasn’t leaving that spot on the couch. That’s where we eat. That’s where I work. That’s where I study. To write medication reviews, write my thesis for my masters, facebook and email all from the exact same square meter where I also watch any movies (on the iMac, of course) and eat … well, you can imagine how quickly cabin fever set in.

So, at the moment we just want to be out of the campervan. Maybe we will feel like being in it again, but maybe we won’t. We want to sell it, as we still want to travel, but just not in a campervan any more. Maybe three years was our limit? Or maybe we just need a break. Or maybe we should have got laptop computers rather than two desktops so that I could have been more mobile in where I was working so that it didn’t get to this.

Either way, anyone know someone who wants a campervan? It is too good a campervan to waste sitting there, not being used.

Travel blog places the campervan has been

Travelling Australia in a campervan since 2009 with our four children aged 4, 7, 10, and 11. We are a family living on the road. Stopping to work in rural and remote towns as we need more money, we love this lifestyle. The four kids are homeschooled as we work our way slowly around Australia.

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Travelling Australia in a campervan since 2009 with our four children aged 4, 7, 10, and 11. We are a family living on the road.
Stopping to work in rural and remote towns as we need more money, we love this lifestyle. The four kids are homeschooled as we work our way slowly around Australia.


  1. Stuart
    Twitter: familyonabike

    They say a change is as good as a break and I figure that applies to travelling too. Sounds fun to change gear, try livinginahouse again and being in one place. Besides travelling is as much mindset as physically changing locations. Now if we were a little closer I might be tempted to swap my house to try out live in your beautiful campervan. It can tell a few stories. Will you be sad to part with it?

    • Amy
      Twitter: livinontheroad

      We definitely need a break from the travelling. It is more of a lifestyle than a holiday, and we’re wanting to do that something different.

      I think I’ll actually really struggle to part with it. We’re mainly parting with it because it feels like a waste not to be used when it is such a beautiful van. Shame you aren’t in Geraldton! :)

  2. Lisa Berson
    Twitter: mummymanifesto

    Hi Amy & Jarrad

    I was wondering what you were up to! Congrats on the big decision to stay in Geraldton. If you want to meet people: my friend Deb & Darren Stringer have lived in Geraldton for years. They have 4 girls in primary school. Deb is a education assistant at the primary school. Darren works as an electrician and also has been in real estate for years. Great people. Good luck with your adventures and the next stage of Livin on the Road

    • Amy
      Twitter: livinontheroad

      Hi Lisa,

      Thanks for the kind words. I wonder which school your friends’ kids go to, it may be the same one our kids are going to. I’ll ask Jarrad tonight if there is a Darren working with him, as he is working in town as an electrician.

  3. Adam Sommer
    Twitter: adamsommer

    Wow, sounds lik you’ve had quite an adventure! Love the site…just came across this today. Look forward to following along!

  4. Hello Amy
    Its really interesting article ! well I like its title what are you doing now ! I’m a traveler & I like to make tour on different, unique & various place. It time to celebrating Christmas day & time to welcome New year 2013. So I’m thinking to make a tour of Thailand.

  5. Hi Amy,
    Great to read a bit about what you have all been doing! Sounds like it has been an adventure for all of you. I’m sure it will be hard to give up the campervan in some ways. Would love to do some of what you are all doing. Are you still in Geraldton now?
    Enjoy your Christmas.

  6. I hope you keep posting about what you’re doing while you’re in Geraldton and where you go from there.

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